Saturday, December 24, 2016

Better Understand Your Sonar - Read This!!

I wanted to share the article that I read years ago that changed my understanding of sonar from a beginner level to advanced in a matter of minutes.  This article is so detailed on how sonar works and then applies that information to actual situations you will face on the water.  Here is the intoduciton to the article by Luke Morris.  Click the link at the end to open a full version of it.

Deciphering Sonar Charts
By Luke Morris


This tutorial or guide is to provide rudimentary education into sonar principles and applications, based on accepted electronic theory and principles, to explain how, what, and why your sounder displays sonar echo data.

It would not be possible to illustrate every possible example of sonar chart data you may see. However with a basic understanding of ho
w sounders and transducers operate, and how that information is depicted on the screen, you should be able to quickly and accurately interpret all of the myriad of different chart examples you may encounter.

This tutorial is written from a layman’s perspective here to continue reading the article Deciphering Sonar by Luke Morris

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