Thursday, December 22, 2016

HDS5 Ice Fishing Conversion Kit Lowrance PPP18i Soft Case

Don't want to buy a sonar unit or flasher for ice fishing?  Just take the unit you have on your boat off and convert it into an ice fishing kit.  I used the Lowrance PPP-18i to convert my HDS5 fish finder into a ice fishing unit.  I show you how to assemble the Lowrance PPP18i Ice Fishing Kit for use with a HDS5, Elite, or Mark unit.  This kit is complete with everything you need to turn your Lowrance unit into an Ice Machine.

This kit works great with the following Lowrance models, HDS5, Elite 5 (with an adapter cable), Elite 5 HDI, Elite 5 CHIRP, Elite 4 (with an adapter cable), Elite 4 HDI, Elite 4 CHIRP, Hook 4, Hook 7, X-67c (with an adapter cable), Mark 5x (with an adapter cable), Mark 5x Pro (with an adapter cable).  

Even some older Eagle models like the FishMark and FishElite 320, 480, 640 (with an adapter cable) will work with this kit.  

If you have one of the new Elite 5 Ti models the adapter cable you will need is 000-12572-001.  This adapts the 9 pin black to 7 pin blue PTI-WBL transducer included with the kit to your Elite Ti model.

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