Friday, December 30, 2016

Lowrance Elite & Hook Ice Fishing Settings Cheat Sheet

I have a new product available for sale for only $5 shipped to your door anywhere in US or Canada.  This cheat sheet will help you set up your Lowrance Elite or Hook unit in 10 easy steps for ice fishing.  There are exact menu instructions on how to set the unit and a few tips on what settings work best for the conditions you face.

These are small enough to fit in your Ice Machine kit to keep handy for reference and are laminated.

Send $5 with PayPal to me along with your mailing address and I'll have your cheat sheet in the mail right away. Link to my PayPal $5

If you have a Lowrance Elite 4, Elite 4x, Elite 5, Elite 5x, Elite 7, Elite 9, Hook 4, Hook 4x, Hook 5, Hook 5x, Hook 7 in any model like Base, HDI, CHIRP or Ice Machine this cheat sheet will work for you.

Thanks for your support!


  1. how about posting your email so i can send you my address so you can send my cheat sheet to me that i already payed for thanks

    1. If u paid with paypal, then he already has your addres dumbass. And it's "paid", Not payed.

    2. You'll be able to find my email address here

      I don't like posting it because of the spam. I've contacted all people at their paypal email address if they did not include their mailing address within 24 hours of payment.

  2. Yeah I know, "address",