Saturday, March 18, 2017

Humminbird SOLIX 15

Humminbird has just release the new SOLIX 12 and SOLIX 15 models for 2017 and I got a chance to take a look at the SOLIX 15 recently.  No doubt you have seen Gerald Swindle unveil this new unit back in February and while they covered a lot of the features I wanted to show a little bit more of what the unit has to offer.

The screen is extremely bright and easy to see, but at 1280x800 across 15.4" diagonal it is a little low in the resolution.  The menu system is just like an ONIX unit and with the lack of success of those units I was hoping for a completely new operating system.  I did find this unit much easier to use than an ONIX though.  They keypad is simplified and the touchscreen menu's make for easy access.

These units are going to be worth it for guys who run dual units at the dash and want to go back to one.  The split screen info is easy to see on a 4 panel split!  Humminbird has entered that large screen fishing market with the SOLIX that Garmin and Raymarine are in and looks like there will be some more competition coming in the next week...

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